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Hi and welcome to Little Way of Perfection. We are Madeleine and Caden, and we're the team behind this little Catholic business!

A little bit about us - first of all, we recently got married after graduating from Benedictine College (go Ravens!) and are loving building a life together and soaking in the graces of the Sacrament! We've been running this business since we started it as college students in 2020 and have loved seeing it and ourselves grow ever since!

What started as a coffee company, Religious Roast, has now evolved into Little Way of Perfection in order to grow our mission. Our mission is to help you pray at all times - even the things as simple as a cup of coffee in the mornings. Through our different kinds of coffee, named after some of our favorite saints, we hope that you will be able to invite God and the intercession of that saint in your morning offering. Through our other prodcuts, we hope you will be reminded to be in constant dialogue with Him and see the gift of all reality that comes from Him.

We chose the name "Little Way of Perfection" from the inspiration of two of our favorite saints, Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Teresa of Avila. Saint Therese is famous for living the "little way" of doing small things for God of recognizing that we are far too small and cannot hope to possibly to reach Heaven on our own, but with the help of God's merciful love and through trustful abandonment to Him, our desires to be a saint can become reality. Saint Teresa of Avila is famous for reforming the Carmelite order with Saint John of the Cross (another of our favorites!) and writing on the "way of perfection" where it is possible to reach spiritual perfection (the "spiritual marriage") in this life and the next, which comes from detachment from the sinful pleasures of the world and striving for humility and pure love of God.

We desire for each and every one of our customers to follow the "little way" of allowing God to work through you in all things and recognizing His work in all things as well as continue on the "way of perfection" of doing everything from pure love of God and striving with all your heart towards perfection in this life and the next. This means that we must at all times "pray without ceasing" and see all as a gift from the Lord. 

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Thank you for following along and supporting our business + family. Please know of our constant prayers for you, and if we never get the pleasure of meeting you in this life, we can't wait to, God-willing, live joyfully with you in Heaven!       

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